Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Migraine Information

Best Migraine Information is what you need to understand about your migraine Headache before you start to treat your migraine headache...

The word headache can describe almost any type of pain felt in the head. And the pain may be in any part of the head - not only in the areas of the temple and forehead that people normally associate with headache, but also at the back of the head and in the lower face. Another word for headache is cephalalgia (sef-uh-LAL-juh), originating from an ancient Greek word meaning "head pain."
A headache is a medical problem, just as heart disease and high blood pressure are. The pain may be sharp, dull, constant, intermitent, aching or throbbing. It may last for seconds, minutes, hours or days. You may experience the pain on just one side of your head or on both. You may have a headache attack with features of more than one type of headache, or you may experience different headaches at different times. Sometimes, it's simply hard to describe your symptoms or to pinpoint when the pain started.
Why do headaches occur? Scientists don't have all the answers yet, although a medical understanding of headaches and the treatment options for them are ever improving and expanding.

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